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Stop Trying to Sell Programs to Broke People and Start Promoting A Valuable Service to Business Owners Who Already Are Making Money

Toprankedvideo.com offers valuable video marketing services to Lawyers, Plastic Surgeons, Exclusive Home Contracting Services, Mental Health Clinics and other successful local businesses.

All our customers already and making money and looking to earn more!  Many are used to spending a fortune on pay per click advertising and not getting the results they desire. Our service helps their business dominate their local search listings for their industry. The videos stay up permanently and the client pays nothing per click. 

Maybe you have been working in the "make money online niche" or "work from home" niche. The problem with this is that all these people are broke! And 90% quit. Why not promote real services, that provide real value, to legit businesses that are making money and do not mind paying up to $2000. per month or more?

Use Your Hard Earned Affiliate Marketing Skills to Promote a Valuable Service To Real Businesses Who Are Willing to Pay Big Money for Results

Some of your visitors will be readers and others will be scanners. The readers will start at the top and read every. single. word. until they reach the end of the page (or until they can't wait any longer and decide to buy). The scanners, on the other hand, will skip about looking for things that catch their attention.

Here is What We Propose To You:

Bronze Package:

Cost to Customer: $595.
Your Commission: $200

Silver Package:

Cost to Customer $1195.

Your Commission: $400.

Gold Package: 

Cost to Customer: $1795.

Your Commission: $700.

These are one time customer acquisition payments. We want you to give you the maximum we can right up front.

The customer must stay with the program at least 2 months to earn the commission. The good news is that most of our customers are serious business owners, understand what they are doing, see the value and stick with the program because it delivers.

The Marketing is Wide Open! Virtually any Local Business That Spends Money on Advertising is a Prospect.

Almost every business has a website and is looking for more customers and business. And most do not have a  clue how to do this. Even the very successful ones. When people ask you "What do you do?" you can simply say: "I help people get traffic and visitors to their websites." People will be interested. You can get their phone number and simply text them your affiliate link! If they sign up you get paid?

You Could Even Just Start Contacting People in You Know And Ask Them if They Know Any Business Owners Looking to Get More Legit Visitors to Their Website

Just with the people you know already, even if you do not know any business owners (which is not likely), it is guaranteed that the people you know , know business owners.

Without sending any links just ask the people in your phone contacts, on your social media and in your social contacts if they know any business owners looking for more visitors and business.  When you get some positive response go ahead and forward your affiliate link.

We do all the follow up and sales. You are just referring an acquaintance to a valuable service. We will work very hard to make sure your referral is thrilled with the service. Most likely they will profusely thank you!

We welcome affiliates from all over the world. We can pay directly to your checking account in most countries as well as with Paypal, Wise.com, Venmo, Zelle, and Skrill. We pay out once per month and a client must stay subscribed 2 months in order to earn the commission.

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